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Darryl English

Mr. English was exiting a bus with five of his friends, on their way home from the Lloyd Center Mall when he was shot. Darryl was only 18 at the time. 

"There was a million people out there that night, people on their porches, on the block. I know somebody seen something, I know they did," said Sam Watkins, English's cousin.

"I didn't think it was my cousin, until they said Darryl and I said, 'Who?' and they said Darryl English and that's when it hit me," Watkins said.

"It's unexplainable, there's a deep hole, a very deep hole to this day, I'm still angry with God," said Roslyn Windom, English's mother.

Windom said her son's passion was dance and he was getting ready to go to college in California. She said he was not a gang member, although police say the shooting was gang-related. 

"It's just an empty, empty void not knowing," Windom said.

I initially photographed for Darryl 2/24/16.