Eddie Morgan

Eddie Morgan was affectionately known as the "Mayor of 42nd Avenue," but in May 1994, Portland police cold case investigators say, someone shot and killed him."No reason for it, just standing there minding his own business and somebody shot him.  Can you explain that?" asked Shar Fisher, who knew Morgan well."He would walk. Just walk, walk, walk, all the time, day and night you'd see him all the time."


The crime stunned neighbors and merchants who'd grown accustomed to Morgan's daily visits. Morgan's presence is still alive at the Wilshire Tavern, where he was Fisher's unofficial assistant. "I'd send him up to get a bag of ice and he'd get a 7-Up," Fisher said. "I'd send him to get change. He was trustworthy." Trustworthy and child-like, Fisher said Morgan was harmless, a gentle man whose daily routine always included the weather report. "He was the weatherman," she recalled.  "He'd say it was snowing in the mountains and he'd say it was snowing on 42nd, if it was."