Eyo Nyong

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Mr. Nyong was only a 26 when he was shot and killed.

"Help us. Help my sister," said Nyong's aunt, Darhl Davis. "I miss my son and the big old hugs he used to give me," said Veronica Darnell, Nyong's mother.  "If I could just touch him -- if I could just get a call from him." "Through all this, I don't hate no one, even the ones who done it," said Darnell.  "Because when I walked away from that crime scene, I told God I was mad at him. I said, 'But God, I forgive the young men who did this' because I understand."
But what Darnell doesn't understand is why no one has come forward with information. 

Police said that violence has intimidated witnesses and neighbors. Even years later, people are too afraid to come forward. Police need the public's help solving the murder.  They have little physical evidence, no DNA evidence and just some ballistics. 

Eyo Nyong left behind five young children who are now victims themselves for the rest of their lives. 
"Put yourself in our position. If a loved one of yours would be shot down like an animal in the street and your family's been so broken, wouldn't you want someone to come forward to help you guys' pain?"  Davis asked.