Memorial is a project dedicated to the lives and memory of victims of unsolved homicide in Portland, OR. These people are quickly forgotten, a population of disenfranchised individuals whose families still desperately seek closure. In my initial photographs for this body of work I produced a memorial image in a location connected directly to each victim, keenly aware of the passage of social history and the development of Portland’s current landscape in its’ vast complexity. I was influenced by the ethos of the Stolperstien memorial stones which memorialize victims of the Holocaust, the stones are placed by the home or last freely chosen location of the individuals. Though the locations are an end point for the lives of these Portlanders, they were often important locations to the deceased, traumatic locations for the city and still they are scarred, unhealed places. I standardized my photographic process giving equal time and attention to each individual memorial. This democracy is paramount because racial privileges and other prejudice led to many of these individual’s cases going unsolved. For the sake of the disenfranchised, the camera democratizes and coerces a viewer’s eye to meditate on the nature of their own community and examine its historical reality. I found this reality at times disheartening, filled with anger, fear and visceral sadness. I hope to lead viewers to an interaction with these 240 individuals, to facilitate a personal exploration and connection. This photographic record will hopefully stand for the victims, a call for justice in the empty space they filled.