Jacquelene Shelavria Marcell

Ms. Marcell was only 19 years old at the time of her death and had given birth to her son only 6 months prior.

The following as excerpted from Portland Fox 12:

Life meant a lot to Jacquelene Marcell. The 19-year-old was outgoing, compassionate and determined.

“She had goals, she had plans,” said Lori Pingle, her mother. “I knew she was going to be successful in life.”

Family members keep Marcell's pictures up and tell her son positive stories about her. “That's a major missing link for him,” said Lashaunda Jackson, Marcell's aunt. “And it's hard. It's hard, it's very hard.”

Jackson named her adult care center after her niece, just one of her efforts to keep Marcell's memory alive.

“Whoever is responsible for this incident that took my niece away from us, from all of us, you are forgiven,” said Jackson. “But you need to be held accountable for your actions.” “Because if it was their family, that's why they would expect,” said Pingle. “If you have empathy and love and compassion in your heart, that's what you'll do.”

I initially photographed for Jacquelene 3/10/2016.