Jason Childers

Mr. Childers was a 27 year old Navy veteran working at a SW Portland Plaid Pantry at the time of his death. The following is an excerpt from Fox 12:

"I don't know what this person's motivation was. I don't know why, why Jason?" said his sister, Ann Childers. "And it makes life seem somewhat unpredictable, when life can be taken that quickly and for no apparent reason."

At the time he was killed, Jason Childers was engaged to be married. He had returned to Portland after serving three years in the Navy and lived with one of his sisters and then-teenage niece, Emily Rohay.

"He was a really kindred spirit to me," said Rohay. The youngest of four siblings, Jason Childers was more like a friend to Rohay than an older relative. "When my 28th birthday came around it was kind of bittersweet because I felt like I got past this milestone in my life and I wish my uncle had also," she said.