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Keith Roby

Mr. Roby was in bed with his girlfriend when he was shot and killed. The following as excerpted from Fox 12 Portland:

 "They called me at like three in the morning.  My uncle told me something bad had happened. He is my little brother and definitely these people don't care about life, about anybody," Roby said. "I went to see him a few days before this happened. I'm really glad I did, the next time I seen him, it was different."

He said his brother was a kind and friendly man, but that he'd been involved with the wrong crowd. The Roby family believes marijuana trafficking may have played a role in the murder. 

"I've collected pictures of people and information for a long time and none of it has paid off," Roby said. "it's time. It's time for them to pay for this. They can't get away from it forever."

I initially photographed for Keith 3/2/2016.