Donna Kuzmaak

Donna was a real estate developer, working on flipping Portland homes. Ms. Kuzmaak was only 26 when her life was taken in March, 1979. The following is an excerpt from a Fox 12 interview with Steve Mitchell, Donna's husband.

"I remember her dragging me around to people's homes she was selling. Cleaning places up to sell," said Steve Mitchell, Kuzmaak's husband. "The first couple years was, you know, bad," said Mitchell. "But then I just felt like I wasn't getting anywhere grinding on it." Mitchell now prefers to focus on good memories with Kuzmaak but discussed her case because finding answers remains important to her loved ones. "Donna's mom is 86. Her dad is gone," said Mitchell. "But I think that's something she'd really like to have, is closure on something like this."

I initially photographed for Donna 3/18/16