Norman Aguillon

Mr.Aguillon was a refugee, escapee from Cuba.

"He made homemade maracas for the Head Start class. He was very involved, everything with the kids. He was a good father,"said Linda Crete, Aguillon's former girlfriend.

Crete said she was first drawn to Aguillon's sense of humor. She said he was the kind of man who understood how fleeting life can be, especially given what he'd already survived. 

Aguillon was part of the Mariel boat lift; 125,000 people fled Fidel Castro's communist Cuba in 1980. Crete said Aguillon recalled how Cuban soldiers shot at him at as he headed for the boats in Mariel Harbor.

But he made it out of Cuba safely and made a new life in the Pacific Northwest, until he was murdered on a North Portland street. 

"There are things that I take after of him, " said Megan King, one of Aguillon's three children.

King was three and a half months old when her father was murdered. She never got a chance to know him or learn about his journey from Cuba to the United States.

"I never got to know him, spend any time with him," she said.

But King would still like to know who stole that opportunity from her.

I initially photographed for Norman 2/17/16.