Robert Altom


Mr. Altom was killed outside a bar called JB's Paradise Room in 1982. His murder was solved in March of 2016, with a witness coming forward after more than 30 years. I initially photographed for Robbie 2/24/2016.

"My family and I are thankful that the case has been solved," Dawn Frizzell-Luna, who referred to Altom as her uncle, said in a statement provided by police. "We are thankful to the detectives that worked to solve the case and are grateful for what they have done for our family. My Uncle Robbie was an amazing man, who was loved, he didn’t deserve to die because he was gay, he is missed by his family and friends.” Frizzell-Luna said in the statement. "It is a good feeling to know my Uncle Robbie's name is no longer among boxes with the words cold case on them, but instead among ones that say solved."