Robert & Frieda Wheatley

Robert and Frieda were 61 and 69 years old respectively when they were murdered in August, 1988. The following is an excerpt from Fox 12:

"Why would a stranger just randomly come in and kill older people who hadn't done them any harm?" asked Judi Randall, Frieda Wheatley's daughter. "It was a hot August night. I remember, because we sat in the car and waited, hoping they would show up," Randall recalled. "I pulled back the curtains, all the dressers had been dumped. It was a mess. That was a sign right there that something was wrong," Randall said. "(The) officer didn't know there was a basement. I ended up showing them the basement," Frieda Wheatley's granddaughter, Jennifer Brown, remembered. "And they were down there."

Cold case investigators said 61-year-old Robert Wheatley and his 69-year-old wife, Frieda, had been murdered in their own home. The crime was pre-meditated, detectives said, and the killers posed as prospective buyers. 

The unsolved murders have haunted not only the Wheatley family, but the investigators assigned to the case. In  2006, police and family held a press conference to announce a new reward of $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. 

"I know that maybe this money, this amount of reward, may tempt someone and I hope it does," Frieda Wheatley's son, Randy Copenhaver, said in 2006.

But six years have passed with no arrests.

"Something would happen and I would run to the phone and want to tell my mother. You never get over that," Randall said.

I initially photographed for Robert and Frieda 3/22/16.