Wendy Kay Lim

Ms. Lim was killed in 1997. The Following is excerpted from a Fox 12 report:

Lim and a friend had borrowed another friend's car to drive to a convenience store, but stopped the car to talk with an acquaintance known as "Bobby."

"It was a shock," said Becky Miranda, Lim's mother. "But I don't know how I knew, but I knew it was going to happen." Miranda saved everything from those difficult days after her daughter was killed. Newspaper articles about the deadly shooting and dozens of condolence cards from family and friends sit in a yellowing photo album with Lim's baby photos." Basically I saved everything so her children, when they grew up, they knew what happened," said Miranda. "They could see what she was like before."

Lim, who grew up in Longview, didn't have the easiest life, her family said. Her marriage didn't work out. The mother of four also struggled with substance abuse. But through it all, Lim stayed positive." Always laughing. Always. Everything was funny to her," said her mother, Becky Miranda.

Lim's brother said she was also planning to take parenting classes at the time she was killed.

Stewart said investigators want to speak with "Bobby," the witness they've never found. He could be the key to solving Wendy's killing. At the time of the shooting, Bobby was described as an African-American man in his early 30s, around 5'4" with a stout build and close-cropped hair. They'd also like to hear from anyone who knows the identity of the shooter or the other men in his car.

"Whoever did this, if he lives this kind of a life he's going to die this kind of a life," said Miranda. "So that makes me feel better."